Synergy Supreme+ (98)

Mobil Synergy Supreme+ is our highest-octane fuel, scientifically engineered to give you more fuel economy from the first fill*. With more than double the cleaning additives of Synergy Extra Unleaded (91), Synergy Supreme+ provides more miles in every tank.

  • Superior fuel economy
  • Greatest engine efficiency
  • Best engine power
  • Excellent engine responsiveness
  • Leading edge performance
  • Maximum engine protection
  • Advanced cleaning power
  • Reduced emissions

Synergy Supreme (95)

Mobil Synergy Supreme is a high-grade fuel enriched with advanced engine cleaning additives for greater fuel economy to give you more miles tank after tank.

  • Advanced fuel economy
  • Improved engine responsiveness
  • Peak performance
  • Advanced engine protection
  • Deeper engine clean
  • Reduced emissions

Synergy Extra Unleaded (91)

Mobil Synergy Extra contains cleaning additives for improved fuel economy, so your engine takes you further with every fill.

  • Advanced fuel economy
  • Powerful engine protection
  • Deep engine clean
  • Reduced emissions

Synergy Diesel

Mobil Synergy Diesel contains powerful additives that provide excellent cleaning performance, which in turn gives your engine the ability to go further on every tank.

  • Advanced fuel economy
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Superior fuel injector cleaning power
  • Reduced emissions